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Monte's Testimony

Templo de Alabanza Praise & Worship Leader
Monte's Family
Mike (brother), Monte, Manuel (father)
Lucy (mother), Matthew (brother)
Monte Davila 
Monte Davila was born April 22, 1970 in Wichita Falls, TX to Manuel & Lucy Davila. He is the second oldest of his two brothers, Mike & Matthew.  At the tender age of 2-1/2 years, Monte began having health issues which seem to worsen over time. Although his parents kept taking him in, the doctors could not find anything wrong with him. A couple days after Christmas in 1972, Monte was in such pain that his mother decided to make him an appointment to have a complete physical done in hopes that they could find out what was wrong with him. Unfortunately the news they received was the one of the worse things any parent wants to hear "Your child has cancer." Monte was diagnosed with Leukemia. Their world was turned upside down. Over the next 5 years many long trips & nights to M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX for treatments would be necessary. He would have to undergo several painful treatments including Chemotherapy, Bone Marrow tests, & Spinal Taps, not something a 2 1/2 year old should have to go thru. Monte was given a 50-50 chance to survive. The doctors had found that his disease had advanced so much that Monte's hips were deteriorating. In spite of the negative factors, Monte's family began to believe God for a miracle. These years would prove to be one of the greatest test for his family & a testimony that would be shared to many. Realizing that only one man could heal their son, his parents made a promise to God: if our son died, we would serve Jesus until his coming; if our son lived, we would tell all the world about God's miraculous power. God once again, amazed everyone, & in 1978 all treatments were discontinued & to this day, Monte remains cancer free! Praise God!  His father opened a church & began to fulfill the promise he made to God, spreading his testimony & the word of God to all who will hear.  Templo de Alabanza (Temple of Praise) has been open 28+years & is now being lead by his youngest son Matthew.  Monte & his oldest brother, Mike are part of the praise & worship group. Monte has spent his life serving God for saving him & believes still that God has a greater purpose for his life. 

Now at the age of 44, Monte is facing another obstacle, he is in need of a heart transplant. It is believed by the doctors that it is probably due to all the treatments he had as a child when he had Leukemia. Once again, Monte is believing that God is not done with him yet & his MIRACLE IS COMING!   
"My heart goes out to my Uncle Enrique & Isidora Ramirez & family who helped us when we had to go to Houston. You always made me feel like your home was my home.  Thank you for all your love & support when my family needed you most."
The morning of May 10,2010 we began our morning like every Sunday, getting ready for church, but this Sunday would produce a new obstacle. Earlier in the week, Monte had been feeling under the weather. As we began to gather our things to head out, Monte's symptoms became worse, now hunched over struggling to breathe. Believing it would pass, we got in the car & headed to church but even then, it did not pass. Monte was taken to the ER, & after many tests, the doctors diagnosed him with a heart disease called Cardiomiopathy. He was told that his heart muscle was very weak only pumping out about 15% where a healthy heart pumps out 60-80%. Astonished by the numbers, doctors could not believe Monte was functioning like person with a healthy heart. He was told that with this condition, his heart would not go into cardiac arrest, but at any moment would just stop beating without warning & it was in his best interest to have a Defibrillator (a $25,000 machine) placed in him in case this should ever happen.  Our family did not know how we were going to afford this because at this time Monte did not have insurance & now with this condition, no one would insure him, but God took control & in a matter of days, Monte's cardiologist called & told him that the company that makes the defibrillators was going to donate it to him.When we heard this, all we could think of was how awesome God is & how he always makes a way even when we cannot! Thru the years, the doctors have tried to treat Monte's heart thru medication & physical therapy in hopes that his heart would get stronger but by the summer of 2014, Monte had been hospitalized several times for heart failure. In July he was told that his hearts ejection fraction was decreasing & now, January 2015 his heart is only functioning at 4% & he is in desperate need of a heart transplant. The doctors are still amazed at how he has been able to carry himself, I guess they don't know what kind of God we serve!  Our family, friends, & church remain strong in our faith & continued to pray that God will heal Monte. I used to question if a heart transplant should be considered healing, but now I believe that it is & that healing comes in different ways. It is how God chooses to manifest them. I thank God for his mercy, his strength, & his faithfulness! We know that God is not done with Monte yet & we can't wait to tell you what the journey lies ahead! 

Well, God is never too late & always on time! Sometimes we find ourselves thinking, "Why is God taking so long", but only he knows the plans he has for us.  This journey has had so many important dates, but the date we had been trying to get to happened on January 19th, 2015. On this date, we received the call that Monte had officially been placed on the heart transplant list.  These were the words Monte was hoping to hear. You see, in October 2014, Monte was one step closer to being placed on the transplant list, but his last lab work raised flags & the doctors found something wrong with his liver. Because of his heart condition, his liver had been damaged & now he would have to undergo a 90 day liver treatment.  Our hearts sank, because up to this point, Monte had been on a 24 hr IV medication to help push his heart to pump & it was only a short-term fix to help get him to transplant time. Through it all, Monte kept a positive attitude & continued to push himself & he seemed to be doing okay. You never knew how he would be feeling, each day was different than the last. Many nights were sleepless ones, shortness of breathe seemed to be ongoing now, & short walks seemed to get harder. On January 24th, 2015 Monte was taken to the ER in Dallas, TX & we were sent home because they simply said there was really nothing left to do but wait. We decided to stay in Dallas in order to be close to the hospital in case something should go wrong with Monte but hoping we would received the call for transplant soon. These last few nights were quiet & worrisome. By this time Monte's only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a day, had lost almost 70 lbs. due to lack of appetite, & was very weak. Our family just knew that something needed to happen sooner than later.  Finally, on January 29th, 2015 around 12:35am, the phone call that would change everything happened & on the other end of the phone, the words, "We need you to come in, we think we have found Monte a possible donor".  Monte arrived at the hospital & quickly they began prepping him for the surgery. The thought that came to our minds, "OMG, is this really happening!". At 4:30am they wheeled Monte down to the pre-op waiting room. It was like we were the only ones there, & even though MMonte was fixing to undergo this major operation, he remained at peace & was ready to get his new heart.  The doctors informed us that the whole procedure would take 6-8 hours. Monte's surgery started at 6:45am, by 11:15 he was already being rolled in to the ICU unit. AMAZING, right! The surgeon came to the waiting room afterwards & told the family that he was very pleased how the surgery went & that he had recieved a strong heart. He told us that normally they have to shock the heart to get it pumping after it is placed in it's new home, but they didn't have to do this with Monte. He told us that as soon as they released blood flow to the new heart, that it began beating on it's own.  AMAZING, again! I believe that God took a while, because he had a specific donor in mind for Monte. Godbless the donor & their family. So I say, wait patiently on the Lord, & he will supply what you need in his time! Now, Monte will begin his road to recovery & we look forward to sharing with you soon.....
God, thank you for person who felt in their heart to be an organ donor, that Monte  might have a second chance at life. Please bless their family & bring comfort to them  in their time of loss. 

   Please help us pray for this family

The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace. Psalm 29:11